• Vete

    Been a while

    November 17, 2010 by Vete

    It has been i while, kind of forgot that i had created this wikia but now i am here again. Haven´t read the books in a while so might have to reread them to get up to date. But there seams to be some activty on this wikia by some other people that aren´t me so woho!

    Need someone to spice this wikia up so will try to find that person, wonder how long that will take.


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  • Vete

    First day

    March 28, 2010 by Vete

    Hey there!!

    Well this is the first day of the Nightside wikipedia, why would i start this wiki. It is because there are not that many sites out there in cyberspace that have much information about one of my favorit authors Simon R Green and his book series The Nightside and Secret Histories that revolv around the Nightside universe.

    There are a few more thing that need to be done and much more information needs to be added to this wiki, so if you feel up to it write an article or just start on off so that other can add to it. That would help me alot!

    Well no i need to read the books again so I can start add more stuff from the books like charactor, places and objects etc.

    So feel free to help out if you know anything.

    - Vete

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