The Regent is an old man in his 70's but slender and fit. All though he is old and friendly his blue eyes are cold and sharp and glowing from knoledge. He got short grey hair and on his chest is a golden eye implated.


He is a person with no worries or at least he acts like one. Even though he is kind and friendly the Regent can be hard and cold if nessecery. He left the Droods because they weren't the servant of justice anymore and he wanted to change it but coulden't. In founding his own organisation he tried to do the right again. All though he is no more a Drood, the relief that the Droods aren't dead is big. "Family is still family"

He is Eddy's granddad and fromer husband of the materach of the Droods. So his torc was seald and later removed, but though he found another way to protect himself.


He posesses one of Kayleigh's eye which makes him invinceble. Furthermore he has a silver luger which has a far more stronger impact than a normal gun, maybe it doesn't shoot bullets but diferent stuff. He also can move in and through shadows, he teached this abillity to his agents, the Shadows. Even though nobody knows he makes it clear that he has far more tricks and skills which he can use if he wanted.

The ShadowsEdit

His own secret organisation is the Shadows, that got the name from the abillity of moving through them. The agents are gathering informations and do normaly not interact with the actions. In some specal situations which are going to go really bad they rescue the day. It is said the Shadows go there were nobody else want to go.

The organisation was foundet to do the right and interact as something that maintain the status quo in the world and stop the evil to grow to big. In order to do so they passes information to everybody they think is the best.