Nightside Wiki

The Nightside, one of the only places untouched by the sun. It is always three o'clock in the morning, and the dawn never comes. The Moon hangs in the sky, shining and ten times as big as it is anywhere else. People are always coming and going, drawn by needs that dare not speak their names, searching for pleasures and services unforgivable in the sane daylight world. You can buy and sell anything in the Nightside and nobody will ask questions, No-one cares.

Where is it?[]

The Nightside is located in London or beneath it, no one is stupid enough to try and pin it down exactly. It is said to be London's shadow, the dark heart of the city, where you can go to live out your darkest desires.

Who created it?[]


Why was it created?[]

Lilith created The Nightside because she wanted a place where neither heaven or hell could interfere.