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The Heart, as it was named by the Droods, was a malevolent, extra-dimensional criminal being that was on the run from justice. It came to Earth in a bid for escape and, for a while, succeeded.

The Heart was found by the Drood family’s ancestors and they made a deal with it in return for power, which manifested as a golden torc around the neck of every Drood child after a secret ceremony involving the sacrifice of said child's twin.

The Heart fed on the misery and torment of the poor souls that it got from the sacrificed Droods until Eddie Drood stopped fighting the strange matter that was slowly killing him, but instead it brought Ethel, the extra dimensional being that had been chasing the Heart for a long time into this dimension so that Eddie could kill it, freeing the souls with the Heart, but also left the Droods without their power.

Looks and Abilities:[]

The Heart looked like an enormous pristine diamond which radiated blinding light. It’s voice sounded constantly happy and saw Droods and other humans as mere toys, fit only to be thrown away after breaking.

The Heart was the only source of Drood torcs for several thousand years. It granted the powerful items in exchange for a twin of recently born child. It also demonstrated the ability to control the armour with the user still inside it.

Even though it was extremely powerful, it’s power still didn’t hold up to Eddie Drood wielding the Oath-breaker. With several strikes, it shattered like glass and released millions of the imprisoned souls within. To it’s credit, a piece of Armageddon Codex was still needed for it’s complete destruction.

It also genetically modified the Droods to be able to synchronise with the torcs and to always have twins.