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The Collector's real name is Mark. He used to work for the Authorities, but broke up after the Babalon Summoning failed, that he tried to do with his friends Henry Walker and Charles Taylor, John's father. He is a man who loves to steal and stash rare items from the Nightside. Walker killed him to obtain a portable timeslip and an item that may transfer the mind of one person into another's body. The Collector also had his own security force of cat-like robots. His base with his collection often changed places, one of these places being the Sea of Calm at the Moon.

Looks and Abilities

The Collector is a middle-aged overweight man constantly wearing leather clothing with too many zippers.

He can slip through space and time with a portable timeslip (even though it was mentioned he posseses an ability to do it). Furthermore, the Collector holds a unique collection of rare, powerful and dangerous artefacts such as the Speaking Gun or the Unholy Grail. He doesn´t even use them, he collects them simply for the sake of it..

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