Nightside Wiki

Silvia is a fromer singer promoted from the Cavendishes and was the rising star in the musicworld from the Nightside, but she disappeared at the top of her carriere. Till John found her as a prostitute in one of the run-down parts of the city.

She changed from the musicstar to something that just wants sex. The Cavendishes transformed her to make Silvia more attractive and more likly to gain fame, but she transformed to something else and her fromer manager just droped and hid her.

Now she has some powers to appear to everyone as the most beautiful woman ever seen but with no fixed shape. Silvia is able to suck the lifeenergie out of her prey and make there bodys part of her room. The room she never left since she was hidden and was provieded with peopel from a procurer. With time she and the room gaind more and more power. The room apperes with flesh-like sweated walls with no window and a strong smell of pheromons and roses and sex.

As John found her to ask about the Cavendishes, he undid what has Silvia transformed and turned her back to normal, but she was just to used to it and liked her gaind power so much that she attacked John. The attack failed and she ended up devoured be the room itself, which she had created.