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Molly Metcalf is the witch of the old forests and one of the infamous Metcalf sisters. Her older sister is Isabella and her younger one is Louisa.

Her boyfriend is Eddie Drood and so she obviously teamed up with the Drood Family, which were once her arch-enemies. She came to live with Eddie in the Drood Hall, although she often goes back to her forests, as she feels too bound in there. In the dark old forests, where old creatures live, and her friend´s a speaking squirrel. Molly has made herself a home, a clearing in the woods which she can access from anywhere at any time.


Molly is rather direct and outspoken, and someone who doesn´t listen to anyone out of principle. She is as wild as her element, though she does have an apppreciation for gossip magazines and occasional trip to civilisation. She also absolutely hates whenever someone hurts or insults her family and friends

Her behavior can occasionally let one doubt her intelligence, but the opposite is true. Molly is a very smart and capable fighter, skilled in combat with knives and magic, though it does leave her a bit drained afterwards.

Looks and Abilities:

She has short dark hair, a large bosom, and has just one piece of cloth which she can transform into any dress she wants.

Molly possesses powers both from Heaven and Hell, which she obtained by making pacts with angels and demons and other creatures best not spoken of. She also has some powers of nature, such as turning bullets to flowers or switching to a world in between this one and the next to avoid physical attacks. Transforming people into frogs or teleportation are some of her powers too.

Like most of the witches she removed her heart and took it to a safe place to gain some incredible healing powers, which can bring her body back from almost complete destruction; example of that being when she was severely wounded after the Drood attack in the war against the Hungry Gods.

Furthermore, she wears an ankle-band with little shiny animal talismans on it. When she removes them from the band and throws them on the ground, the magical animal appears and fights for her.

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