Molly is the witch of the old forests and one of the infamous Metcalf sisters, her older sister Isabella and her younger one Louisa. She does what she want and is really direct and outspoken, even though she appiers a little childish, she is really smart. The forest and nature is her home and favorite place but she also likes gossip magazins and fashon.

Her boyfriend is Eddie Drood and so she obviosly teamed up with the Drood which were once her archenemy. For Eddie she come to life with him in Droodhall although she often goes back to her forests. In the dark old forests where old creatures live and her friend a speaking squierel, she has made her home, a clrearing in the woods.

She got short hair, is bosomy and has just one piece of cloth which Molly can transform in any dress she wants to, even though she posseses a wandrobe but who knows what is in it. It appears she cares about her look.


Molly posseses powers from the heaven and hell, which she obtaind by trading some of her lifetime with angels and deamons and other creatures. She also has some powers of the nature like turning bullets in flowers or switching to a inbetween world to avoid physical attacks. Transforming people into frogs or teleportation are some of her powers too. Like most of the witches she removed her heart to a safe place to gain some incredible healing powers which can heal her body from almost complete destruction like her body was after the Droodattack in the war against the hungry gods. Furthermore she wears an ankleband with little shiny animal-talismans on it which if she remove them form the band and throws them on the ground the magical animal appers and fights for her.