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In the Nightside there are players and then there are the MAJOR PLAYERS and it is the Major Players that rule the Nightside or a group of them called the Authorities. So how do one become a Major Player in the Nightside, well first one must have power without it you can bet that the Nightside will eat you alive but even if you have power the Nightside will try anyway just to get what you have. Power alone won´t do it, no you must also now how and when to use it if not you will probably die a most gruesome death. No you are probably asking what kind of power, well there is the thing it can be anything really you only must know how to use it for you benefit.

Let take for example John Taylor he was born and raised in the Nightside and his only gift was he was able to find things so he started up a P.I firm. Taking cases and during those fighting powerful foes and creatures that stood in his way and along they way getting a few upgrades like his healing ability. He also have a few magic tricks and condiments in his coat to help him along but it is intellect and some luck (S**t load of it) that has given him a reputation in the Nightside as a Major Player.

Major Players

John Taylor (Private Investigator)

Julien Advent (The legendary Victorian Adventurer)

Jessica Sorrow (The Unbeliever)

Annie Abattoir (Assassin and high-class courtesan)

Count Video (Lord of the binary magics)

King of Skin

Larry Oblivion (Private Investigator)

Shotgun Suzie (Bounty Hunter)

Henry “Walker” ( Voice of the Authorities) (deceased)

More to come...

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