The overseer named by god to directly oversee experiment called Nightside, which by Liliths intentions should be free of any intervention from above or below. He also has power of judgement over anyone in Nightside and is ultimate authority above Authorities. He bears staff made of branch from tree of life itself and lives deep under the Nightside. He is the ultimate judge of the nightside, and he does not aprove of too many people. It was said that when lucifers army fell from heaven, the Lord of Thorns riped the wings off their back.

John Taylor has met him fewtimes during his cases, and though Lord of Thornes helped him, thats not usuall case for others.

Lord of Thorn was last seen in church of st. Jude, praying for intervention from shimmering planes, during Liliths war after she killed everyone in underground and broke his staff.

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