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Edwin "Eddie" Drood aka Shaman Bond is the black sheep of the Drood family. He moved out of the family complex to escape the family but he hasn´t completely broken away. As a Drood field agent, Eddie takes the cases his family sends him. He and his family are shamans, the self-proclaimed protectors of mankind and secret rulers of the world; at least until the incident with the Heart.

After his family had outlawed Eddie, he tried to find out why and at the end he found out that the Droods are the secret rulers of the world and the source of their power was an evil extra-dimensional entity, the aforementioned Heart.

He is in a relationship with Molly Metcalf, the witch of the wild forests. At first they were arch-enemies, but during his time as a outlaw they get closer to each other and now they are inseparable. Sometimes there is trouble because she is not a family member but Eddie doesn't care.


Eddie is a free thinker, light-hearted and hated to have responsibility for more than his actions. And he's got problems with authorities, even if himself is one. Nevertheless he was in charge of his family after he took away their source of power, but he tried to hand over the leadership to a council, which promptly re-elected his grandmother as Matriarch.

He does things which need to be done, not because it's fun. "I am an agent, not a killer." he says, but often has to kill someone.


Eddie´s parents reportedly died when he was very young, which left him with only his uncles James and Jack, "Grey Fox" and "Armourer" respectively, to raise him. He promised his uncle James to be strong, and more than lived up to it in his later years. He trained to become a field agent, and immediately got out of the Drood Hall when he had the chance.

After years of loyal service, Eddie was for unknown reasons declared rogue by the family, and had to escape. After a long search for answers, with him eliminating the Scenebuilders and Lovers from Chelsea, and later destroying Obvious Goal´s headquarters, he allied with Molly Metcalf and Blue Fairy, who gave them the Confuser; with Molly, he infiltrated the Drood Hall and discovered the truth about his family´s history and armour; the Heart, a diamond-like entity, was exchanging the souls of twins in return for a torc. When they got out of the family´s old library, his uncle James was waiting for them. Eddie had to duel him, armour against armour, but it was Molly who eventually killed James.

Eddie went to the Armoury and got the Oath-breaker from his uncle Jack. With it, he marched into the family´s Sanctuary and smashed the Heart apart. Then they had to fight against Matthew and Alexandra Drood, who were really behind the Obvious Goal; they were equipped with the Dominator and Dissector, respectively. If it wasn´t for Jack Drood with part of Juggernaut Jumpsuit on, they would have lost.

Abilities & Traits[]

As a Drood, Eddie wears the golden torc around his neck. When he activates his Drood armour, it acts like a second skin, protecting and giving him incredible strength and senses. With it he is nearly indestructible. Further more the torc gives him some more abilities, besides the armour.

Second sight is something that Droods can do thanks to their torc, with the second sight they can see and detect things that aren´t visible to normal people.

For a time his girlfriend, Molly Metcalf, took his heart to a very safe place, which in turn gave him the healing ability of that of a witch, but he insisted on giving it back to him.