Nightside Wiki

The Dragon's Mouth is the place where you go to escape reality. Every kind of psychotropic, mind-altering drug is available there, as long as your money lasts.

The Dragons Mouth is located in a shadowy side street not far away form the old main drag. It looks like a gigant dragon skull 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide, even with most of the teeth intact. Supposedly the skull was petrified by Medusa centuries ago.

The Dragon's Mouth is not a place easily escaped. It pulls you in and sucks you under, the Host takes care of your every wish. He holds your hair back when you vomit, cradles you in his arms as you cry, and ties the torniquet on your arm as you slip the needle in.

Mother Connell sits with her 400 pounds at the end of the steps from above. She keeps the order with her dominant personality and her mallet sized fists. To much make up, with a obviously fake blone wig, around her fat neck she gots a pink feather boa. She is the accountant of the Dragon's Mouth and weightes the money lying in front on the table. And she never forgets a face.