He is a famous adventurer, holy knight and monsterhunter from India. Allways dressed in silk and velvet with a turban and his really big scimitar on his back. He says he only kills when the life of innocent people is in danger. Even though he believes in "his" god, he accepts other religions. The member of the Adventurerer Clubs accomanied John Taylor as he was searching for a way to stop the Walking Man at first to determine who is the stronger believer, but after the Walking Man broke his scimitar and told him why he really does the things the walking man did. He even posseses the willpower to withstand the Speaking Gun.


He posseses a holy scimitar that protects him against magic and has the power to reflect magic, breaks it or stashs it. The saber is unbelieveble sharp and can cut through almost everything. After the blade was broken and the walking man defeated, he went back to India to repair and restore the scimitar.