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Alex Morrisey is the current owner, operator, and "resident gloomy bugger" of Strangefellows, the oldest bar in the world. Alex is a sullen, miserable, and thoroughly cranky individual who always wears black "in mourning for the way his life turned out." 

He is a direct descendant of Merlin Satanspawn, who bound Alex's family line to the bar with a powerful spell. he cannot leave the bar without first finding a blood relative to replace him, and since Alex is reputed to be the last of his line, his general callous manner and mad-on for the world becomes immediately understandable.

After Merlin's final death the spell was lifted, but Alex ulitmately decided to remain and run the bar because he had nowhere else to go. Alex has an ex-wife, Agatha who pays him alimony. They were in love when they were younger but split up when Alex discovered that Agatha was sleeping with Merlin, who possessed Alex's body in order to keep the sexual rondezvous a secret.

Currenly, he is in a relationship with John Taylor's secretary, Catherine Barrett, whom John considers his daughter. Alex and Cathy hid their relationship from John in the beginning,and he wasn´t too happy when he found out.


As would be expected from his lineage, Alex knows a fair bit of magic, though he leans toward spells that are of a practical nature and help him run his bar and service his clients. Healing, detox, and protection spells are amoung those he uses in the series, though both he and John have alluded to him knowing more dangerous magics as well. If he has to fight, he uses an enchanged cricket bat that seems to be able to shatter enchantments and deflect spells, as well as deal a hell of a lot of damage on the poor fool who has made him angry enough to come out from behind his bar. Alex's most obviously magical ability is his innate sense of what goes on in his bar, he knows when trouble is coming, or when someone's about to start it. The fact that he can't predict certain events or people's arrival only serves to strengthen the fact that The Nightside is full of increadibly powerful and dangerous people.